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Enlightened Real Estate – Barry B. Scherr

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Enlightened Real Estate – Barry B. Scherr

The Transformin Ourselves and the World Around Us

We are presently in the midst of one of the greatest transformations in the history of human culture. The simultaneous rise of technological breakthroughs and world consciousness is unprecedented. Old ways of thinking are being swept away. Power structures that dominated for decades are crumbling. New opportunities are arising. People everywhere are questioning how to navigate this new paradigm.

As consciousness rises, a new lifestyle will emerge and real estate will regain its traditional role as a stabilizing structure in society. Rising interest in walkable zones, alternative energy, meditation, yoga, and organic food are the first signs of this transformation that is revolutionizing the way we live.

Our buildings and communities need to resonate with this emerging lifestyle and reflect a higher goal for our society. A new asset class, the Ideal Village, is a holistic, practical blueprint for buildings and communities that support this stress-free, enlightened approach to life.

From abstract idea to practical application, Enlightened Real Estate explores the mindset behind the built evironment of today and offers a new enlightened vision for the future

Barry B. Scherr is a commercial real estate investor, author, and speaker on the potential of the built environment. Mr Scherr was the founder of Sundar Corporation, a national commercial real estate sale-leaseback company.
He is certified teacher of the Transcendental Meditation (TM) Program and a member of the Board of Directors of the David Lynch Foundation.

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