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Conversations with Maharishi, Vernon Katz, Volume 2

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Conversations with Maharishi, Vernon Katz, Volume 2

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi speaks about the Full Development of Human Consciousness.

In Conversation with Maharishi, Dr. Vernon Katz has shared with the world a matchless gift of knowledge - Maharishi’s profound descriptions and analyses of the heights of human consciousness in Brahmi Chetana, as unfolded during intimate and often revelatory conversations. We owe Dr. Kathz an immense debt of gratitude for bringing to us such a treasure trove of knowledge of ultimate reality. These conversations also reveal Maharishi himself - his wisdom, his wonderful sense of humour, his playfulness, his penetrating insights and joyful expressions. Dr. Katz’s success in drawing forth this beautiful teaching from Maharishi and capturing it so clearly is a testimony to this own remarkable fullness of mind and heart. The conversations recorded here with such love and fidelity will serve as an inspiring guide to higher states of consciousness for generations to come.““ - Dr. John Hagelin, President, Global Union of Scientists for Peace; Honorary Chair, Maharishi University of Management Board of Trustess
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